The services and editorial content of Eparkstation.com are offered for free and in their entirety by the Eparkstation.com team (hereinafter referred to as "EPARKSTATION".) This Website is published by the iSATT GmbH registered in the German Register of Companies HRB7422.


Editorial Content: refers to all of the information provided by EPARKSTATION to its Users..

Personal Data: refers to the set of personal information that the User saved during their registration to the Specific Services provided by EPARKSTATION (i.e. the consultation of charging points for electric vehicles) and/or provided for within the general use of the Services.

Intellectual Property Rights: refers to the brands, domain names, royalties, copyrights, drawings and models, patents, rights on the Database or any other Intellectual Property Rights used by EPARKSTATION and necessary to its activities as a Services provider.

Form: refers to the registration form or information form available for the User to complete in order to benefit from some of the EPARKSTATION services upon disclosure hereof.

Hypertext Link: refers to a referral system symbolized by a word, an icon or a logo which permits to navigate from one document to another within the same website or from one website page to another website page.

Services: refers to a set of services, including the Specific Services, provided by EPARKSTATION to its Users via its Website www.isatt-automation.de.

Website: refers to the website made available to the public via the Internet at the URL address www.isatt-automation.de.

User: refers to the natural person of legal age and capacity who uses the Services offered by EPARKSTATION.


These General Terms and Conditions of Use define the general terms and conditions within which EPARKSTATION provides the Services to the Users. Any and all use of one of the Services offered by EPARKSTATION will be done in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Use hereof


The User declares that they have taken note of and expressly and unconditionally accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Use in force on the day they access the EPARKSTATION website and when subscribing to the Services offered by EPARKSTATION.
EPARKSTATION does hereby reserve the right to amend, modify or alter at any time any or all of these General Terms and Conditions of Use. It is thus the responsibility of the User to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of Use, available at all times on the EPARKSTATION website. Any use of the Services, following any modification of the General Terms and Conditions of Use is considered as a full acceptance of the new General Terms and Conditions of Use by the User.


The User acknowledges that EPARKSTATION is the sole owner of the Intellectual Property Rights related to the EPARKSTATION website and its Editorial Content.
None of the clauses of the General Terms and Conditions of Use hereof shall be understood as granting the User any licence to any Intellectual Property Rights that EPARKSTATION could own or have the exclusive right to exploit. 
EPARKSTATION only grants you an authorisation to view its Editorial Content on a private basis, excluding any public viewing or use.
Thus, any representation, reproduction or extraction of EPARKSTATION, of its Editorial Content or its Website as well as any other Intellectual Property Rights is strictly forbidden, without the written authorization of Eparkstation. Offenders will be prosecuted. Unauthorized use can result in civil and criminal sanctions and specifically in penalties provided for by the French Intellectual Property Code under Articles L.335.2 and L.343.1.


The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that they must be selective in their use of the Editorial Content and bear all the related risks especially when they rely on the usefulness, the complete nature and the services provided by this Editorial Content and carry out all verifications under their own responsibility.
The EPARKSTATION team takes great care when composing the Editorial Content. However, EPARKSTATION offers no guarantee of the reliability of the information of the Editorial Content. EPARKSTATION shall not be held responsible for any content of its Websites. That is why EPARKSTATION shall not be held liable for any damage whatsoever arising from the use of the information available in the Editorial Content by the User.
The EPARKSTATION Website contains Hypertext Links to other web sites managed by third parties. EPARKSTATION has no control of these web sites and cannot be responsible for their content. Inserting the links does not mean that EPARKSTATION approves of the content of these web sites. EPARKSTATION cannot be held liable for the content of these web sites. The fact that these web sites are listed on the EPARKSTATION site does not imply, under any circumstances, the liability of EPARKSTATION. EPARKSTATION does not offer any guarantees concerning:

- " the veracity, timelessness, quality, completeness and sufficiency of the indexed web sites' content; 
- " relevance and comprehensiveness of the indexed web sites;
- " difficulties of access and operation of these web sites.

The User acknowledges that:

- " The use of the Services is at their own peril especially for data, files and software uploads which could corrupt their computer. EPARKSTATION cannot be liable especially for any data losses, computer bugs or damages corrupting their computer;
- " EPARKSTATION does not guarantee a match between the Services and the User's expectations; 
- " EPARKSTATION does not guarantee the quality and/or lawfulness or compliance with the Law of any content not created by EPARKSTATION, especially User-generated content and comments, or any content circulated on external web sites available via Hypertext Links; 
- " EPARKSTATION cannot be held liable for any User broadcasting data which infringe rights, especially private rights, held by third parties; 
- " EPARKSTATION shall not be held liable in case of damages attributed to technical causes, and more particularly the unavailability of its Website or any defects affecting its operation; 
- " EPARKSTATION shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages such as financial loss, profit shortfalls or any issues whatsoever which could arise from the use or the impossibility of use of the Services provided.

In addition, the User indemnifies EPARKSTATION against any appeals or actions that may be taken on any basis whatsoever or for any reasons, and more generally when entering data or information, any person who would consider themselves wronged by the placing of these data and information online on the Website and holds EPARKSTATION harmless from and against any and all litigation and extra-judicial costs should any arise.


The User declares that they know the Internet well, including its characteristices and its limits, and in particular acknowledges:

- " That the Internet is an open network that cannot be controlled by EPARKSTATION and that any data exchanges circulating on the Internet are not always accurate, nor protected, especially against any misappropriation or possible piracy;
- " That the communication of sensitive information by the User is thus done at their own risk and peril;
- " That they know the nature of the Internet network and more particularly its technical performances and response times needed to consult, query or transfer information data.

EPARKSTATION cannot guarantee that the data exchanged will not be intercepted by a third party and that the data exchanged will remain confidential.
EPARKSTATION informs the User that there are rules and customs practiced on the Internet, known as Netiquette, as well as various codes of ethics and in particular the Internet Etiquette, which can be found on Internet.


EPARKSTATION strives to provide access to its website 24/7, but may interrupt access, particularly for site maintenance, updates and any other technical reasons. In no case can EPARKSTATION be held liable for these interruptions and any consequences which may result for the User.
EPARKSTATION reserves the right to refuse access to any User to all or part of the EPARKSTATION site, unilaterally and without prior notice, especially in the event of a clear violation of these General Terms and Conditions of Use.
The User acknowledges that EPARKSTATION cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the deletion of the User's access to the EPARKSTATION site.



The Editorial Content of EPARKSTATION is accessible to everyone and for free.


The use of Specific Services presumes that the User has been through the registration procedure, which requires them to provide their personal information. The User accepts that the information provided, particularly personal data, is accurate, complete and up to date, and that they have made any modifications to ensure that this is the case.

In the context of this procedure, the User declares that they have read and specifically accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Use by clicking on the button called "I have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Use : send information". Each acceptance sent by the User is considered a signature equivalent to a written signature. By clicking on this button, the User is considered as having given their agreement, irrevocably.


EPARKSTATION collects information provided by its Users:

- Using a form, or sent directly by Users, to know them better and to enable them to use the Specific Services of EPARKSTATION;

Conscious that the collection and the processing of Personal Data on the Internet should respect the individual's fundamental rights, EPARKSTATION undertakes that all personal data processing on the EPARKSTATION site will be consistent with the French Law °78-17 of January 6 1978, pertaining to Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties.
The User has the right to access to (Articles 34 to 38 of the French Law of 1978) and the right to rectify (Article 36 of the French Law of 1978) their own Personal Data.
The User can exercise their rights at any time by sending an email using the Contact page on our Website to rectify, complete, clarify, update or delete any information that is incorrect, incomplete or no longer valid. A period of a maximum of 15 days is necessary to take into account the User's request.
The data provided by the User during their contributions to the site are made anonymous when the user asks for their data to be permanently deleted, or deletes their personal account from the Website, but the data cannot be permanently deleted in order to ensure the smooth operation of the Services provided by EPARKSTATION. 
EPARKSTATION undertakes to make its best efforts to protect the Personal Data, in order to ensure that they are not misrepresented, corrupted or communicated to unauthorized third parties, in conformity with Article 29 of the French Law of January 6, 1978.